Selene Club Chair Wade Logan

Selene Club Chair Wade Logan

I’m not generally one particular to take on an interior trend as a Wade Logan trend, but I am a single to revisit old trend and comprehend that its grow to be a classic.  Chalkboard paint is 1 of those newly-minted classics, obtaining gone from trendy to ubiquitous, and as the top quality of paint (and our want to have produce interiors) increses, so do the probabilities that your old cabinets, lackluster walls and tiny office spaces will go “chalkboard.”From my feng shui perspective, chalkboard paint accomplished properly is a winning way to develop a much more customized Wade Logan interior with pretty little time and effort.  selene club chair Also, its pretty clever when artistically maximized!

Draw your plans on your wall, and change them whenever you’d like! 

Caputure the spirit of a game space like in no way ahead of.

Dress up a kitchen, a fabulous Apartment Therapy concept for kitchen “renovation.”  

Or actually organize your kitchen, desk drawers or even kids dresser drawers in chalk.

A can of chalkboard paint can also: label your ball jars to develop into fancy glass kitchen storage, tag your flower pots, make nifty placecards for dinner on pretty much any material, label office supplies and substantially, considerably much more!


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