Alexandro 7 Drawer Dresser Ebern Designs

Alexandro 7 Drawer Dresser Ebern Designs

I remembered an old Will Smith quote when my friend stated was telling me this story, ““Look at your 5 closest mates. Those five mates are who you are. If you don’t Ebern Designs like who they are, then you know what you have to do…”

So, in the spirit of saying that Will Smith is right, who are your five closest mates?  Do you love them for all that they are? Do you feel good about your self following spending time with them?

My observations more than a long time of attempting to test this phenomenon of how substantially one particular is affected by other people:

No matter what you say about how robust you are, you cannot submerge your self in misery and stay radiantly pleased unless you are superhuman.

Similar goes for happiness: it’s pretty hard to keep miserable and be surrounded by definitely joyous men and women.

This is a really fascinating subject for me.  I’ve been under the influence of men and women who weren’t refecting who I was or wanted to be… and it was quite really hard to extricate myself, even though I’m quite delighted I in the end did.

Luckily, Ebern Designs I am wholeheartedly honored to say now that if I’m anything like my closest mates, that would be remarkable…so I hope this is true!

How do drawer dresser you really feel about this?

Do you Ebern Designs really feel your closest good friends- and these you you commit the most time with-  represent who you are?

xoxo Dana

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