Capri 142″ Sectional Interlude

Capri 142″ Sectional Interlude

Any day is a good day to give Interlude away a gorgeous fountain!  Serenity Health is giving away a fountain that I chosen for one of you- a Moonshadow Tabletop Fountain- to a fortunate reader! 

Very first, if you aren’t that feng shui-familiar, fountains- each indoor and outside-  are a popular cure for several homes and lives that require motion, action, and vivacity.  Moving water is a single of the most effective agents of modify in nature.  In truth, the components of water and fire are the ones that produce the most dramatic changes. 

Water, in the feng shui element chain, is the begin of a fresh cycle.  We are largely composed of water ourselves, so this element tends to move us emotionally and physically as nicely as energetically, and when you add the dose Interlude of illumination and all-natural grace of this fountain, you have a sense of becoming grounded in nature that is empowering.

You can use this fountain anyplace in your dwelling except your bathrooms and bedroom (bathroom has pretty adequate water, bedroom does not want this level of action).  Spot is wherever your property feels stuck and wants brightening.  Its fantastic on a desktop exactly where you have a really hard time focusing.  Its fabulous in a foyer.  Keep it clean and filled with fresh water and you will be feeling the flow.

To enter: leave a comment below and a word (or a several) below &amp you are in the operating to win this Moonshadow Tabletop Fountain on December 7th!  

xoxo Dana

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