Griffiths Coffee Table Red Barrel Studio

Griffiths Coffee Table Red Barrel Studio

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?Warning: There are spoilers ahead about the Red Barrel Studio series finale of Adventure Time!

Relationship status: Confirmed.

For the duration of final night’s series finale of Adventure Time, the relationship between Princess Bubblegum and Marceline was confirmed with an on-screen kiss.

This is a BFD because the series teased the pair’s partnership for a though, but this is the initial time it’s gotten actual confirmation in canon. The kiss came when Marceline discovers that Princess Bubblegum is safe following a demonic attack.

Naturally, this filled the hearts of all Bubbline fans everywhere.

This is all we wanted:

The “I owe you my life” meme has by no means been far more relevant:

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It’s truly 20gayteen:


The series will continue in comic kind, so the finale itself is open ended, but a montage of the characters at the really end of the episode also showed Bubbline hanging out and watching Tv. This couple is official, and almost certainly here to remain.


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