Kollman Standard 3 Piece Bedroom Set Everly Quinn

Kollman Standard 3 Piece Bedroom Set Everly Quinn

feng shui bagua map

A reader asked a excellent query about employing feng shui to get “unstuck” in Everly Quinn her career.  Her question was about applying the diagnostic bagua map (above) to her floorplan to see what was piece bedroom set going on.

” Hi Dana, I’ve been pondering about asking this for a small bit and I hope you can support me.
I moved into Everly Quinn a new residence a tiny when ago and I am stumped on how to apply the bagua piece bedroom set map to it.
I’m feeling some blockages in my career and would really like to make some modifications to move power. The front door is in a weird spot and I haven’t been capable to figure out how to make the map kollman standard perform with it.
Any guidance you could give would be sooo appreciated.
I attempted to make the map as proportional as Everly Quinn I could.
Right now I have been applying the bagua map with the cash corner in the office and the really like corner in the bedroom across from it but soon after that it gets quite difficult to figure out.”

My Answer:

Right here is the standard Everly Quinn floor plan of her home, so that we can talk about a few issues to appear for (its fuzzy but I will explain) :


Now, piece bedroom set lets look at the above.  The explanation the Career Region of her life is screwy is multi-fold.  1st of all, although it looks like you should walk into the space in the path of the Everly Quinn blue arrow, you truly enter by means of the walkway to exactly where the red arrow is and I have marked it with text.  So,  first #1: you walk in and you aren’t seriously in the space.  #two: This region is the “career” location (I’ve shadowed the Everly Quinn rectangle of the space that correlates with profession) but its a confusing location of the household.  (are you seeing the metaphor here?) #three: The office is in the wisdom location of the space which is terrific… but it also highlights lessons that can &amp ought to be discovered and lastly #four: The kitchen is the “main function” of the career area so it requires to be well-utilized and balanced.

Ok, so to start, a speedy fix for the entranceway that is basic but really should support is to put a Welcome mat outdoors your door that resembles your aesthetic and, inside the foyer/hallway put a piece of art, like a piece of framed typography or an artwork, that is bright and has an arrow or directionally, in its visual energy, points you down the hall and into the space.  Take into account it an usher to take you into your residence effectively without having feeling disoriented.  Also, super-clean the kitchen, use it normally and, maybe, add a plant or two there. 

These are kollman standard some basics to get you started. I Everly Quinn could go on &amp on, but I don’t want to generalize and this need to move you into a new frame of reference.

A floor plan alone tells the story of a house.  The decor adds extra kollman standard layers of info.  Sensory cues add yet another layer. Individual power &amp life force (chi) add however an additional layer.  By understanding an feng shui’ing your space you get a depth of understanding of the complexity, beauty and wonder of our integrated planet though also setting oneself up for an optimal expertise in your life!


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Normally, I like hearing from you! xoxo Dana

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