Kuebler Coffee Table Gracie Oaks

Kuebler Coffee Table Gracie Oaks

One particular of the least talked-about colors these days in decor is Gracie Oaks snow white, but it has nearly mystical coolness.  Pure white is a single of those “colors” that, when used with a method in your property design and style, can light up a space and add a sense of purity, freshness and even spirituality.  I thought I’d give you a few tips to use snow white to your best  decor advantage!

Right here, white goes more than the cliff to blinding brightness.  Its like staring into the sun. As well substantially pure white aggrivates physical issues like anxiousness, headaches and emotional coldness.  I thought I’d kick off with this example so we can move beyond it into white done a lot more feng shui’d appropriate!

Now, a splash of white like this vase of hydrangeas does the trick to focus a room without washing away its radiance and life force.

A pure white lacquer table, console kuebler coffee table or Gracie Oaks armoire will bring a stately gloss to a area.  White corresponds to the element of metal and metal is the element of superior taste and aesthetic discrimination.

And when a blue bedroom is not the sexiest in my opinion, this space does wonders to demonstrate the clean and mystic energy of pure white.  Imagine if the bed have been wood, or beige…not the very same room, ideal?!

Tip: To start off with white, try spray painting a mirror or some old picture frames in higher gloss pure white and them sealing them with a glossy top rated coat.  Divine!


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