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When Disney announced its plans to sign a deal with Fox, Marvel fans rejoiced, as it would mean the rights of the franchise could lie with one particular business, removing some of that pesky red tape dictating what each and every organization could do with certain characters and properties. But now, Comcast is preparing to snatch the rug suitable from under Disney by creating an all-money bid of $60 billion for the Accentrics by Pulaski Fox assets Disney set to purchase in December. The deal is round arms loveseat nonetheless in the early stages, which tends to make it the optimum time for Comcast to go full-on deceptive Loki. Comcast plans to make an give only if the AT&ampT acquisition of Time Warner clears regulatory approvals. The Justice Division sued to cease the acquisition and the case is at present in court. A bidding war (definitely not as dramatic as an Infinity War, but close!) could…

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