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There are parts of your home so integral to your nourishment and prosperity(fridge, oven…the kitchen in basic!), yet so often we neglect them.  Now’s susan tufted storage tiny household detox reminder susan tufted storage is to clean your refrigerator!!! A healthier refrigerator is on a regular basis cleaned, properly-stocked and, ideally,  filled with food that has actual life force rather than junky chemical-wealthy A&J Homes Studio food.  The very first step? Clean out your present refrigerator.  Remove almost everything from your A&J Homes Studio refrigerator and check the expiration tufted storage ottoman dates as you do.  Properly dispose whatever has spoiled, recycling A&J Homes Studio as quite a few containers as attainable. I like to use warm to hot water (due to the fact the refrigerator is cold) mixed with a bit of mild castile soap or baking soda to wipe each surface in the refrigerator.  Eliminate the crisper bin and clean…

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Have you study quinto leather ottoman Julia Cameron’s legendary creativity book A&J Homes Studio “The Artists’s Way”? It is the ultimate  book of all issues related to inventive living, creativity and happiness on each level.  Julia Cameron guides you in 12 weeks by way of the process of RECOVERING the artists that you truly are.  If you haven’t study the book however….omg, you have so a great deal excitement ahead of you!!! xoxo Dana

BAGUA 101: You most likely have heard of Revenue Corners and Relationship Corners and all sorts of “corners” in feng shui, some fantastic and some verging on superstitious information about these “corners” is swirling rights hand about the Net. I believed it was about time  after getting handfuls of questions (!) to show you the diagram called a BAGUA MAP and clarify a bit about how to use it to learn a lot more about your property and its partnership to the state of your life. Thrilling stuff!!!

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