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Recalling a story is really hard, particularly when booze is Design Toscano involved. Produced for teenagers and adults ages 17 and up, Sunken Sailor from Buffalo Games is a party game of deceit, storytelling, and skillful drawing. Players are tasked with drawing a stand-out moment that took location from a bizarre nautical occasion the night before. The catch is that one of the players is not in on the story, because he or she had a little bit also a great deal to drink the night ahead of madame chaise lounge and can’t remember—but attempt to avoid having caught as the Sunken Sailor. Up to eight players will take turns drawing an object recounting one particular of these rowdy adventures, but the Sunken Sailor does not know what is becoming drawn. The Sunken Sailor alternatively wants to keep his or her identity hidden from the other sailors, and attempt to piece collectively what absolutely…

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