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Let’s rolled arms loveseat say it with each other: THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY. It was a single of those weeks through which I walked into work a single morning and screamed, “I can’t think it’s been such a extended week,” and @Bill rolled his eyes and stated, “It’s only Tuesday morning, Maddie.” Ugh. You really feel me even though, correct? Please see a visual representation of my feelings above with this high high-quality Photoshop job I did (ask me for my rate card) with a photo from the set of Massive Small Lies 2, where Reese Witherspoon is about to chuck some ice cream at Meryl Streep. And yes, like the queen she is, Witherspoon unapologetically nailed the throw. It has been a week that hits everybody just as really hard, and absolutely everyone feels it at the similar time. Just ask this petition for a white wine emoji. So don’t be concerned,…

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