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Green is the colour we think of in Spring as life blooms, plants shoot up Feruci and creative power begins to swirl in the air. In feng shui, the color green is representative of the element WOOD and this element dominates creativity, flexibility, socializing, growing and fueling change.  When we don’t have sufficient wood in our elemental mix, we could possibly have lots of feelings and concepts but no impetus to stretch our wings and actualize them.  When cabana canopy bed we have as well considerably wood in our elemental mix, we may well really feel like we are stagnant, in the weeds, unable to comprehensive things or even rigid.  Balanced wood energy in the Springtime- and even a bit added- can assistance make your beautiful months ahead really lively, inspiring and active!  Here are a handful of tips to get the inventive, prosperous wood power of the colour green increasing in your household.  

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