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If you are feeling overwhelmed in your head and underwhelmed in your each day life, a wonderful large to-do list may be the brain-dump you want.  On weeks like this 1 (!) for me, a little to-do list just won’t do.  When the heat is on and its receiving busy, I have to develop a genuine, reside monster of a to-do list to capture all my errant throughts, fantastic ideas, unfinished business convertible chair enterprise and, yes, the stuff I really have to do!

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“Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice.” Its fairly tough to read this and not cease and think of the time(s) even this week that you got pushed a tiny off track, or maybe absolutely off your path, by your loved ones, your parents, your good friends, or random, important strangers. The point is, its not their fault- its YOURS!  Take duty for how you’ve failed to listen to katalina queen standard your intuition and you can commence to trust yourself additional queen standard bed and far more, day by day.  Quickly your mission and goal can be so clear that no a single can influence you away from Grovelane your path.  Preserve going!  And love it along the way, that’s the point, soon after all! xoxo Dana

(by Keri Smith)