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Hunting for some entertaining games that aren’t just for kids? Pop Insider Editor-in-Chief Marissa DiBartolo stopped by KTLA in Los Angeles to show off some goofy games for grown-ups. For a lot more on the products featured in this segment, verify out the notes beneath. AWKWARD HUGS (HASBRO) The game of connections, queries, &amp consequences! Two players are locked in a hug by the included hug belts, and a further player asks queries like “Would you swim with sharks?” or “Are you a binge watcher?“ Each huggers must answer the same way or they’ll get a hilarious consequence card such as slow dancing, or standing like a flamingo. Match three concerns properly to unlock the hug. Age: 16+ MSRP: $19.99 Obtainable August 1 BEARD BALL (BUFFALO GAMES) The game of ability, style, and sticky whiskers. Split into two or additional teams. When it’s your team’s turn, draw a card and following…

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