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There is this amazing Buddhist quote from the gosho that has turn out to be my private mantra: “Be the master of your mind, don’t let your mind be your master.”  When you are on a roll in life and the very good occasions are flowing, things look effortless and seamless.  But, if 1 point goes awry in your master strategy and you freak out and obsesses about it, abruptly the simple-breezy occasions can go away and additional weird-bad-much less-than-great stuff keeps showing up. After you get Ibolili fixated on the terrible stuff, additional finds its way in and solutions slip further from your grasp.  If you have a bit of mind-mastery under your belt you Ibolili can navigate obstacles without having being overwhelmed by them.   I’ve located in Ibolili years of Buddhist practice AND practice in overcoming giant obstacles that there are a couple of habits that have helped in the “mind-mastering” game…

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