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A reader asked an exciting question about getting a kitchen in the Wisdom location of her residence:  “I reside in a studio apartment exactly where the kitchen is on the similar wall as the front door, to the left in the Wisdom location of the bagua. I was just questioning how this affects the power flow and general feng shui-ness. Is there something I need to have to compensate for in this layout?”

My answer:

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Pressalit toilet seat artistry Leave your toilet seat down.  Males, this does not just apply to you.  Ladies, leave the entire lid down.  There are a multitude of motives why.  The big a single? Its gross to leave it open! But, also, in a feng shui sense its also a huge drain of waste and its continually “running” even when not in use, upholstered standard bed as it is hooked up to your plumbing program.  Check out these Gorgeous pressalit toilet seat covers! Bonus points tip: Constantly majorly clean your toilet with organic cleaner, so you are not releasing pollution down the drains but preserve a sparkling bathroom space! xoxo Dana

The guys arrive in Vegas this week screaming “Vegas child!” any chance they get. They’re all super amped up mainly because they’re staying in a very good location and bros appreciate Vegas. Chris says that Vegas is his type of city (trashy, fake, less impressive when you truly give it a fantastic tough look) and we get our initially foreshadow of the solid wood bench episode! Let’s take a gamble, shall we? Desert Hot Tub One-on-A single The initial date card shows up and it’s for Colton (oof!). A solid wood bench auto whisks Becca and Tia’s Boyfriend Colton out of the shiny Vegas city into the desert with a bunch of camels. Becca says that she hopes this date will help them Lark Manor “get more than the humps of previous relationships,” and I know there are not sufficient camels there to carry all the baggage these two have…

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a new spin on motion is what you need to have to make life modifications! Feng Shui can support you to get power moving in your life to bust your self out of a rut. Its time to stop generating excuses for why items are going so slowly and get started making headway in all those areas exactly where you have been stuck.  Feng Shui honors the cycles of nature and the seasons, so as Spring approaches it is specifically crucial to shake off the slower energy of the Winter and get moving in your life in all strategies in this blooming seasonal modify! Here are 3 significant ways to Lark Manor energize your life with feng shui…!

Urs Fischer at Gagosian in Beverly Hills tonight…Although I haven't been to several art openings lately, this one is the very best individuals-watching of the year as Elton John breezed past casually…Just a typical day, you know…

Instagramming has swiftly turn into a component of my language, so I thought I would share a bit of the landscape of my version of Los Angeles… In Instagrammed photographs, of course! I rounded up a handful of images that give you a glimpse drawer dresser in the actual Tao of this actual Dana and my version of Hollywood…

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