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bali hai National Post Sorry to break it to you, Hobbits? Middle-earthers? Is there even an agreed-upon Lord of the Rings (LotR) fandom name? Peter Jackson isn’t involved in the new Lord of the Rings series at all, but the rumor mill was flying strong in April (have to be all of the dragon wings). Jackson, who directed every single LotR movie, like The Hobbit, firmly shot down the rumors himself in an interview with Allocine. He mentioned, “I’m not involved at all in the Lord of the Rings series. I comprehend how my name could come up, but there is practically nothing taking place with me on this project.” Bummer. Back in April, Jackson’s lawyer vaguely pointed out that he began a dialogue among Jackson and Amazon, which led fans to think that he may possibly be generating the show. Either the conversation in no way truly happened, Jackson wasn’t…

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Think about this a cautionary enjoy note to artists and open-hearted, joyful folks of the Tommy Bahama Home planet: energy vampires feed on you!  The brighter you shine, the more these small demons will rise from nowhere and very carefully, masterfully try to suck your life wood tv stand of joy.  Your good friends, co-workers, household and even random incidental strangers can be culprits.  And yes, of course, your dwelling can also contribute to the “draining” of your life force, which is a double-whammy.  Does this imply that you need to reside in a bubble? Lock your self in your house? Cease socializing? Nope.  If you are on a roller coaster in your life, it might be time to do a alto solid wood little “people, areas &amp issues”  housecleaning to get the power vampires off your back.  Here’s a bunch wood tv stand of methods to spot and cease the horrible highs and lows brought on by power suckers in your dwelling &amp your life!!

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