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Why YumanMod invest $8 on steel-cut oatmeal at Starbucks in the morning when you can chow down on some nerdy cereal? Funko Inc., creators of the 400 Pop! Vinyls cluttering up your bookcase, will debut a new line of cereals called FunkO’s. drawer double dresser The inaugural cereal line will feature additional than 40 characters from leading pop culture licenses. This is honestly the ideal point given that Oreo O’s came out of retirement. Fans can kickstart their mornings with cereals featuring the following fandoms: Mega Man FunkO’s: available exclusively at GameStop in July. Cuphead &amp Mugman FunkO’s: available exclusively drawer double dresser at Hot Topic in July. Retro Freddy FunkO’s: available exclusively at in July. A Nightmare On Elm Street’s Freddy Krueger FunkO’s: available exclusively at f.y.e in July. Friday the 13TH’s Jason Voorheese FunkO’s: available exclusively at f.y.e in July. The Lord of the Rings FunkO’s: available exclusively at Box Lunch in July. Cuphead ‘Don’t Deal with the…

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